Writings by Donald Shoemaker

Please feel free to browse through several of Pastor Donald Shoemaker's writings. You may download a personal copy, but for additional copies or any other use than personal, please contact in in advance of copying.


The expanding of health care coverage by the government, whatever its merits, cannot be done at the expense of religious liberty—a basic constitutional value. (While published in 2012, this writing gives principle on religious liberty of abiding value.)


Some basics on responsibility, responsiveness and decency are required in government regardless of your political persuasions. With these basics, leadership can't be good.


The outstanding ethicist Michael Josephson strongly supports same-sex marriage. Read Pastor's Don's response.


Some Timely Thoughts on Ministry Philosophy.


Reflections on Christian roles in our society.


Dr. King was assassinated over 40 years ago, but his principles and our own evangelical failure to support that struggle should still guide us.


An essay reflecting on the 100th anniversary of the revival that launched the Pentecostal Movement.


An assessment of the impact of John Paul II on the thinking of Protestant Evangelicals, written after the pope's death and before the selection of a successor.


Educators face unique pressures and good ones deserve our blessing. Here is a blessing drawn from Jesus' words, "The Beatitudes."


There is now a growing tendency for Christians to "give up" on their society. A book by well-known former activists even endorses this. How should we think?


"Election 2000" left a bitter aftertaste, and it would be good for us to take a step back and think about the relationship of God's kingdom to human government, whether it's "our man" who won or not.


Secularists may not like it, but our nation's founding document taught that our nation's right to exist rested on a belief in an eternal, divine being.


A look at the acceptability of pouring as a mode of baptism in certain circumstances.


The U.S. Supreme Court's 1973 "Roe v. Wade" decision on abortion rights did not settle the issue in the hearts of Americans. The debate is as sharp and divisive as ever.


A recent court decision appears to "establish religion" in the name of not establishing religion and permits some prayers while forbidding others.


In the teaching and action of Jesus as he fed the multitude we can learn about our responsibility to conserve as we enjoy God's creation.


What does the opening chapter of Romans have to say about unnatural relationships and how does this apply to our society's understanding of marriage?


A form of "Good Samaritan Laws" would force people to do what is right. Is this kind of legislation healthy for America?


A first-hand account of this interesting and controversial revival.


A look at forces at work in our culture that would change our traditional attitudes toward religious freedom.


Lots of ideas that are religious at their root are able to "sneak" into public life and even receive the endorsement of the government because we are not savvy about what a "religious belief" really is.


A survey of Biblical data and opinions on capital punishment.


Does the common practice of having the bride and groom take Communion at their wedding square with the Bible's teaching on Communion?


Does Christmas begin in Bethlehem?