My Personal Resume

I was born in Midland, Texas and grew up in Mansfield, Ohio. I thank God for my home, my Lutheran childhood roots, and my evangelical Christian journey as an older child, teen and thereafter. I confessed Jesus as Lord and Savior at the age of 9, kneeling on the concrete floor of a country Pentecostal church. Just before my 16th birthday I made a renewed dedication of my life to Jesus and haven't looked back.

I've enjoyed the richness of many Christian traditions beyond my Lutheran roots, including Pentecostalism in my teens and early 20's. I have settled into a solid evangelical, biblical tradition throughout my career in the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches. I have a strong commitment to the importance of "church" in our lives.

I have a keen interest in how Christian faith should relate to our modern world and our American culture and in our ability to communicate meaningfully to a secular world and to work together with people of good will for the common good of society. I have a very special passion to see America's commitment to religious liberty understood, applied and preserved.

I was married in 1966 to Mary, who has been my wonderful wife ever since.
We are now blest with two children, Cindy and David, and six grandchildren.


My Vocational Experience

Pastor Emeritus, Grace Community Church of Seal Beach, CA (2012+)
Senior Pastor, Grace Community Church of Seal Beach, CA (1984-2012)
Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies, Biola University, La Mirada, CA (1976-84)
Pastor, Los Altos Brethren Church, Long Beach, CA (1970-76)
Associate Pastor, Grace Brethren Church, Elkhart, IN (1968-70)
Adjunct Professor, Grace Theological Seminary
West Campus, Long Beach CA (1987-90); main campus, Winona Lake, IN
Adjunct Professor, Biola University (1972-76; 1990-94)


My Preparation through Education

Master of Theology (concentration: Christian Ethics), Fuller Theological Seminary (1992)
Doctor of Ministry, American Baptist Seminary of the West (1975)
Master of Divinity (magna cum laude), Grace Theological Seminary (1969)
Expository Preaching Award
Systematic Theology Award
Bachelor of Arts (cum laude) (Major: Social Studies; Minor: Vocal Music), Grace College (1966)
Spanish language study, Baja California Language College, Ensenada, Mexico (2004-06)
Certificate in Supervision, California State University—Long Beach (1999)
Graduate courses in 1st Amendment Law, Advanced Christian Ethics, and History of Christian Thought,
Simon Greenleaf School of Law and Trinity Law School (1997-98)


My Services, Ministries, and Professional Memberships

Senior Chaplain, Seal Beach (CA) Police Department (2001+)
Master Level Certification, International Conference of Police Chaplains (2015)
Chairman, Social Concerns Committee,
Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches (1985+)
Member of the Ministerial Examining Board, S. Cal.-Ariz. District,
Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches (1994-2001)
General Chairman, 1980 National Right to Life Convention
Ordained to the Christian Ministry, Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches (1973)
Member, Association of Grace Brethren Ministers
Member, Long Beach Interfaith Clergy Association
Member, Evangelical Theological Society


Awards and Recognitions I've been privileged to gain

2012 Seal Beach Citizen of the Year (Cypress College)
Lifetime Achievement Award (Association of Grace Brethren Ministers, 2011)
Medal of Merit (The Military Department of the State of California, 2009)
Social Concerns Award (South Coast Interfaith Council, 2008)
"For leading the church in initiatives to ensure the protection of religious freedom for all"
2007 Community Safety Award (Seal Beach Chamber of Commerce)


Some of My Writings

What is the Church's Role in Social Action? (CE National pamphlet, 2005)
Abortion, the Bible and the Christian (Baker Book House, 1977)
A Pastor's Heart to Heart Talk on Abortion (Brethren Missionary Herald pamphlet)
"Why Your Neighbor Joined the Mormon Church" (Christianity Today, 1974)
A Pastoral Perspective on the Modern-Day Charismatic Movement
Operation Rescue: A Critical Analysis
John Calvin's Concept of 'Indifferent Things' and Its Application to Modern Church Life
Ethics at the Twilight of Life
Canons of Christian Social Ethics—Principles of Engagement
Personhood and the Abortion Debate
"The Sign of the Fish" (Moody Monthly, 1976)

(Numerous other essays and newspaper opinion columns)